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Paul Steven Ray releases the debut recording of his new project, BlueBlack Dream/MAPS available at

"Guitar is but a small part of Paul Steven Ray’s creative palette. Percussion, composing for various aggregations including operas, and video also provide outlets for his restless inventiveness. His latest recording MAPS, by Paul Steve Ray’s BlueBlack Dream (one of his many projects), includes guitar, both played and attacked, samples, Theremin, sung and spoken vocals. It is a work of texture and mystery inspired by a wide range of musical influences thoroughly absorbed." - GuitarModerne

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Upcoming Performances:

Ray-Rosas Project with Theresa Rosas @ Greenwich House 6/12/19 7:30 NY, NY

BlueBlackDream with Lisette Santiago @Mirror in the Woods 6/15/19 575 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Looking for the Bells: MultiMedia collaboration with Visual Artist, Sandy Pliego @ Arete Gallery 11/14/19





Looking for the Bells: MultiMedia collaboration with Visual Artist, Sandy Pliego at HOLO 2/13/19 7:00pm

BlueBlackDream@ ShapeShifterLab

Sept. 13,2018 8:15

Transport: Make Music Festival @ Le Petit Versailles  June 21st, 2017 8:00pm

VS2@Knockdown Center  March 10,2017 9:30pm Maspeth,NY

AQUIACONVERSE(AKA Ray-Rosas Project) - November 8, 2015/7:00pm at ShapeShifterlab.Brooklyn, NY

VERTICALSON @ TRANS PECOS -  January 17, 2016/8:00pm



THE GOOD NARROW NIGHT -for Soprano,electronics,digital media,guitar-

September 24, 2016 @ Crypt of The Church of The Intercession  NYC

July 18, 2015 - What Whispers Ignite : collaboration with Eli Fountain and Kiori Kawai @Le Petit Versailles,NYC

July 9, 2015 - VERTICALSON @ ShapeShifterLab, Brooklyn, NY

October 3, 2014 SPLITROCK Opera/ VERTICALSON with Brandon Ross @ ShapeShifterLab Brooklyn,NY



Paul Steven Ray has been composing and performing in NYC since 1981. He has been heard in a wide range of venues including Issue Project Room, The Stone, ShapeShifterLab, Paperbox, The Knitting Factory, IBEAM, and Tonic.  He has presented his work in such festivals as Noise Festival at Richard Foreman’s Ontological Theater, the International Electro-Acoustic Festival, Cosmoson-Paris,CERF Festival, New York Jazz Festival, and the North River Music Series. Collaborations with other artists include Theresa Rosas, Bora Yoon, Vernon Reid, Nate Wooley, Oblaat, Pheeroan Ak Laff, Brandon Ross, Yuko Fujiyama, Cyro Baptista, Eli Fountain, Val–Inc., Ha Yang Kim, Lisette Santiago, and Kiori Kawai. He holds a B.A. in music and dance of the African diaspora from Indiana University and a M.M. in composition from Brooklyn College.  Ray has studied composition with Amnon Wolman and John Eaton.  His compositions for other media include work created for Laura Staton Dance(Judson Movement Research Series) and the score for Sikay Tang’s Phrases/s Lesson 5.  He has composed four operas that include his video work as well. His “Listener Activated Sound Environments” are installations designed to create an ultra-sensitive sonic experience for the listener-performer.  He was curator of the experimental concert series PSYCHELOUNGE and continues to pursue his goal of bridging the various camps of creative artists in the city and elsewhere.  He is the leader/composer of VERTICALSON, NineNine, and partner with Theresa Rosas in the Ray-Rosas Project.  Paul Steven Ray teaches music technology and West African percussion at Richmond Hill High School in Queens NY where he has encountered some of the most original and unconditioned composing minds in NYC.